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Elliptical Flutes are a new Design I started making a few years ago. They are wider than your typical Flute, but they are flatter, and very comfortable in the hands.

There are several reasons for creating this style.

For one! Typical me, I wanted to create something different you donít see every time you Turn around.

For another I love a beautiful piece of wood, and shaping these flutes this way, it really shows the natural beauty and the grain of the wood more than your typical round flutes.†

And by shaping them this way I can also get the top, and bottom walls of the Flute thinner, letting them resonate more, and still keep them sturdy.

Elliptical Flutes

Double Flutes, Drones, And Harmony Drones

Can be Special Ordered

Low Bass Flutes

My Big Daddy Bear Flute† :)

Low F#

Flutes Pictured on this page are Flutes I have Made and have found homes, none are available for sale .


Low Aís next to a 24 inch F#