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Choosing a Flute


The Following Words are by no means chiseled in stone or in the Bible of† Flutes, saying you must do it this way, or your going to hell. They are my personal opinions and views from personal experiences and many years of making Flutes and dealing with people.


First! The reason your wanting a new Flute?


Are You a beginner or wanting to learn to play the Flute?


Have you been playing for awhile and looking to add another Flute to your collection?


Is there a personal reason or event in your life that has drawn you to Having a specific Flute made?


If you are a beginner, or wanting to learn to play and looking for your first!

This is where I disagree with most. Iím not Just a Flute Maker and Flute Player. Iím a musician of over 30 years, and play many different instruments. But the Flute is my passion!

For many years I have heard the term Starter Flutes. People ask if I have starter Flutes, or see Makers selling starter Flutes, or know of people that go to Flute Workshops to learn to play and receive a starter Flute. Most of these Labeled Starter or First Flutes are Mid sized to smaller, and keyed in A or G, or G#. Most of the reason for this is they are smaller, easier to hold and depending on how their made and the wood used they are relatively inexpensive. And in Workshops they are tuned and play together, which is easier when teaching groups of people at one time. Which is not all bad! And if you decide Flute playing is not for you your not out a lot of money. Now Iím going to share with you my views on your first Flute. A Native American Flute is an extension of your soul. And when you connect with your Flute the songs you play will come from your heart. So your Flute should be an extension of you. First and foremost it should be in a key or tone that you enjoy hearing, and connect with. Whether you prefer the higher tones, mid tones, or lower tones. Type of wood used will have an effect on the tone also. I will get into that in the selecting type of wood section. If you enjoy the sound you will play it more and be more apt to learn and push yourself to bring out the music that is inside of you. If you donít like the sound that comes from it, you will not want to play it. If you connect with it, you will want to play it every chance you can.

Your new Flute should fit you. If you have small hands and body structure, a smaller flute would be more comfortable for you. If your hands and body structure are larger, you will feel cramped up and be uncomfortable, and need a larger Flute. You need to be and feel relaxed. Therefore TONE and FIT are very important if want to learn and enjoy! Some times this requires a custom make to get a key and fit for an individual. If itís possible to do I will do what is in my power and knowledge , and work with you

to get a Flute to fit your needs.

If your already playing, or are a seasoned novice, you may just be looking for another Flute.

You may be looking for a different Key of Flute to add to your collection. You might be looking for Flute in the same key you already have, but with a different tone or sound to it. For instance! I have several F#ís of my own. Every one of them have a different† sound and feel to them, and have a different energy to them. Depending on where Iím at, or the mood Iím in depends on which one comes out. Flutes, just like people have different personalities. Some are bright and chipper, and happy. Some are more mellow and can be almost haunting. Some can be very healing and spiritual in the right hands, and in the right place and time.

Maybe your looking for something a little different. Like a Double Flute or a Drone, or† a Harmony Drone, or a Bass Flute. What ever the reason, The skyís the limit. Contact me and weíll discuss it.

If Your looking for a special Flute to be made

for a deep personal reason, Vision, or Dream!

Or to be used for healing or spiritual purpose,

Contact me and tell me what's on your mind and weíll go from there!


Selecting a type of wood!


Type of wood used can play a major part in the way the

Flute will sound.

Softer Woods like Cedar, Poplar, Pine will give a smoother, softer, mellower tone. And tend to resonate more.

Hard Woods like Oak, Maple, Cherry, and a lot of exotic woods will give a cleaner, crisper Tone, and can tend to give more volume.

My personal Favorite all around happy medium and

best sounding Flute is Walnut!

Walnut will give you the best (have your pie and eat it too) Tone.

Smooth, Mellow, very healing, but very clean and clear too!

Exotic Woods can be very colorful and beautiful, and some sound great too!

They can also be very costly, as does Walnut Have a costly price.

Besides a lot of Exotic Woods, Walnut is one of the most expensive woods to buy!


Woods can be mixed and matched and combined to get different looks and color schemes, and tones. I very seldom make a one solid wood flute. I tend to do a lot of laminating of different woods. The key is to make sure† the sound chamber area is the type of wood you wish to get a particular tone out of. The type of Wood in the Bore, Barrel,† or the large chamber that the fingering holes are in, is not as critical on the way the tone will sound. But does have a lot to do with how much the Flute will resonate.

For instance! Maple is a beautiful wood, and can get some great looking grain patterns in it. And Curly Maple is Beautiful. BUT! I have never made a Flute from Maple that I was Happy with the sound or tone. To Be Blunt I donít like itís sound at all! So you put Maple and walnut together and you have a great looking Flute. And as long as the Fipple, or sound chamber is done in Walnut, It will sound Great too :)

So there are ways to get a certain look or wood you like and get a tone your happy with too!



Pricing depends on several variances.

I do not have a basic pricing on my Flutes. If I have a Flute I have made† for sell, it will have a price on it.

The reason for this is I do not mass produce Flutes or make a run of Flutes all the same or out of the same wood. I make Flutes one at a time when the feeling is right to do so, or when someone orders one, and every one will be different in itís own way!

The price will have to do with for one the key. For this will determine the length, bore size, and how much wood will be needed and used.

Lower keys and tones are longer, larger and use more wood, and will be more expensive.

And the style of Flute. Style will determine how much wood will be used.

Also the type of wood used to make, and how much it cost me at the time to get!

And how many different woods are used, and how much time I have evolved in the laminating and creative process.

For instance a low E Flute made from Pine can cost around $70. the same flute made with several Exotic Woods and a lot of laminating, and inlay in it Can cost up to $500.

†And the most important factor in Pricing is

Prices Are Subject To Change Depending

On Customers Attitude :)


My Flutes are made one at a time, with a lot of personal

Attention, Love,† Prayers, and Spiritual Guidance!

And I will add That just as a parent looks after and protects a child.

I look after and protect my Flutes as they were my children.

The Almighty Green Back! And cash in the Bank is nice to have!

But sometimes you can not put a monetary Value and a $ sign on something you care about , and itís safety! And have to protect the sacredness it holds.


If I make a Flute for someone or some wishes to purchase one I have, If I get a bad feeling or energy from them, or donít think it would be a good home for them, the Flute will not Leave with, or be sent to them.